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It is Karavan’s policy to bring to market the highest quality, most cost effective product that will meet or exceed our customer’s needs. Karavan believes the key to achieving this policy is happy, healthy and well trained employees.
Karavan Trailers, Inc. is the leader in trailer transportation and our boat trailers are the reason why. From our 900# capacity to our 12,000# capacity trailers functionality, reliability and performance are unmatched.
The materials we use to build our trailers are set by our strict quality standards to ensure your Karavan trailer gets your family to the water safely. Fully adjustable bunk and winch systems give your boat the fit it needs.
Adjustable running gear gets the trailer weight balanced for ease of towing. Our sure-lube grease system and plug wiring with submersible lights top off the perfect combinations for a safe, reliable trailer.
Karavan achives quality products thru extensive design. Every trailer is assembled using Solidworks engineering software before it is even fabricated.