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Mercury #1 On the Water

For over 60 years Mercury has been engineering, building and providing the best marine power in the world.  In both freshwater and salt – for everyone from weekend warriors to people whose livelihood depends on their marine power – Mercury has consistently offered the strongest, fastests, smartest, and toughest marine power anywhere. And all in order to bring you the most integrated product offering on the water – with everything you need from prop to helm.

Mercury 5
Our Carbureted models offer the same tough, dependable performance that’s made them a trusted choice for generations. And every engine shares the qualities of a true workhorse – like dependable starts, uncompromising power and reliable performance. The same qualities they have offered since the beginning.
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Mercury 20
Boaters who choose Mercury for their 2.5 hp to 30 hp applications have teh power to go anywhere necessary to get the job done. Mercury’s incredibly versatile small horsepower FourStrokes are lightweight, easily portable adn ideal for shallow water use. And with application specific features found at every horspower level, you’re bound to find a Mercury perfect for your on water needs. Mercury’s expertise and experience back every FourStroke in this lineup, so you won’t find a better overall value anywhere.
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Mercury 25 EFI
Our completely redesigned 25 hp is 18 pounds lighter but has increased torque. The reduced weight improves boat balance, handling, and performance and makes it more economical to operate overall. (Click here for full specs.)
Mercury 60 EFI
Exclusive EFI technology.Mercury pioneered electronic-fuel injection technology for marine propulsion decades ago. All mid-range Mercury FourStroke outboards feature turn-key starting for consistently quick and easy starts.
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OptiMax 90
Mercury OptiMax 1.5L engines are up to 18% more fuel-efficient than competitive four-stroke and two-stroke DFI engines. Mercury OptiMax is significantly quieter than conventional two-stroke outboards.
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OptiMax 150
The Mercury OptiMax 150 hp, running on plane, is up to 16 percent more fuel-efficient than competitive 150 hp four-stroke engines. OptiMax combines uncompromising power, performance and efficiency at a price that’s less than comparably powered four-strokes.
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OptiMax 200
Because OptiMax is lighter than comparably sized four-strokes, it’s better suited for smaller and narrow beam boats and handling is better at all speeds. You’ve sacrificed all week, all month, maybe all year. Sacrifice nothing on Saturday! Turn the key and throttle up your weekend. OptiMax reliability ensures your first cast will sweep through the air right on time. Weigh-in is just one quick-start adrenaline rush away. (Click here for full specs.)