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Minn Kota

Minn Kota “Until it’s Time to Head for Home”
Richland Marine is an authorized Minn Kota full service center, and the only authorized center in the Johnstown area.

Talk is cheap. Performance is what counts. And when it comes to trolling, no other brand offers you a complete, perfectly matched system – motor, batteries, chargers, and accessories – with the power, innovative features and reliable performance of Minn Kota. We call it “Anywhere, Anytime.” So whether you’re chasing walleye in Minnesota backwoods country, flippin’ for largemouth in the Carolinas or battling for Redfish in the Louisiana Gulf, Minn Kota has the guts to take you where the fish are and keep you there until it’s time to head from home.

How can you possibly improve a motor with up to 112 pounds of thrust and i-Pilot (Link) compatibility? By making it quieter and easier than ever to stow with new Lift-Assist Design. Now you get brains, brawn and effortless control of all of it. Hey, we like a challenge.
Proven tough. That’s why Endura continues to be one of the most popular trolling motors ever to grace the stern of a boat. Since its introduction, Endura has lived up to its name with stellar function, performance and reliability that is second to none. With an Endura on the back of your boat, you have the confidence to endure everything a hard day of fishing throws at you trip after trip, year after year.
He’s in there. Past the stump field. Through the lily pads. Buried among the weeds. And, he’s taunting you to come get him. That’s when you hit the foot pedal on your Maxxum bow-mount and put the game in your favor. No other trolling motor on the water has the sheer guts and power to take you where the big fish are. The power to tame rough water; push through heavy vegetation; and take the kind of pounding that day after day of hard fishing delivers.
Take it to the limit. Treacherous stump fields. Tangled weedbeds. Punishing wind and waves. Big fish pose big challenges. Our newest power plant delivers the unrelenting thrust and rugged, dependable construction that takes trolling motor performance to the edge – and keeps it there – until the livewell is full and the scales are in your favor.
It’s all about power; to go where the big fish are, to stay there from first light to last cast, to eliminate hassles and headaches, to put new technology at your fingertips. That’s what makes these workhorses such a powerful choice. Feature for feature, option for option, you’re always in the best position with a PowerDrive leading the way.


Step on the Ultrex foot pedal and feel what power steering does to a trolling motor. Then tap the Spot-Lock button to stay on a fishing spot automatically. We built the incredible new Ultrex with the most responsive, intuitive steering ever and GPS-powered automatic boat control. The only thing we didn’t do to it, is compromise.
You wouldn’t like it when it’s angry. Actually, you would. Powered by up to 112 pounds of trust, Fortrex features a ruthlessly tough mount and rugged Mono-Arm Design. And when it gets riled up, it tears through anything you put in its path to deliver you to the fish. So go ahead. Make its day.


You can’t wait for the next cast, the next catch and the next trophy mount. With Vantage, you don’t have to. Its innovative design delivers fast, effortless control of stow and deploy, steering, and backtrolling. So you get instant gratification.


If a trolling motor is essentially a boat positioning tool, then this is the Swiss Army Knife. Traxxis is loaded with control features that put your boat right where you need it, day in and day out. From easy, One-Hand Stow to versatile steering tension control. You just name the occasion, Traxxis will rise to it.


Get Minn Kota power for your next pontoon trip. Both of our pontoon models deliver quiet, steady, all-day performance. And with quick and easy mounting, you get a motor that’s built to let you sit back and appreciate a perfect day on the lake.